Tom Austin

6 – 9am Sunday – Friday

In 2007 a friend invited me to my first Ashtanga yoga class with Rachel Howlett in Cornwall, England. I was taught Tristhāna (breathing, posture and looking point) and was encouraged to practice 6 days per week to get the most benefits from the practice. From that moment I was hooked.

Over the next few years I was introduced to John Scott, Denise Christian and Matthew Vollmer who I continue to study with. I also travelled to Mysore, India, to practice with Sharath, completed a teacher training with John and Lucy Scott and have learnt with many other teachers along the way.

Their guidance has helped me to better understand the responsibilities of a teacher, to get a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and a greater knowledge of the body. It’s important to me to practice and pass on their teachings in a way that respects a lineage, so that the knowledge and experiences of yoga are maintained and passed on through the generations.

I feel that the daily practice continues to give me an internal strength, which has allowed me to provide a space for others to experience the practice. Practicing and teaching daily has been one of the greatest sources of learning as a teacher and a student, as every day continues to offer new opportunities for insight.

Tom teaches his classes in English.



Katharina Fengler

7 – 9am Sunday – Friday

I attended my very first yoga class in Berlin in 2001. Despite having a strong attraction towards yoga and its philosophy, I only started pursuing this path later on. After I had tried different yoga methods I committed to the Ashtanga Mysore practice in 2013. Initially I started practicing three to four times a week and I was soon able to integrate the daily practice into my life.

In 2015 I started teaching my first private students, bigger groups and also completed a teacher training in Bali. Since then I have been teaching students of all kinds of backgrounds whilst continuing my studies and practicing with many established teachers. After helping set up the Mysore shala in Berlin with Tom, I started assisting his classes.

It’s the consistent daily practice and the guidance of my experienced teachers that give me stability and a rooted understanding of the practice of yoga. Both allow me to be in a position where I can share my knowledge and help others.

Katharina teaches in English and German.