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Dear all,

We are sorry to once again inform you all that due to the current restrictions we will be closed from Monday 2nd November for at least the rest of November. All monthly passes will be extended during the time we are closed. If you would like to donate payments until we re-open please note them as a donation on any bank transfers. We will send out a newsletter and update the website once we are allowed to re-open again.

Lots of love,

Tom and Katharina

From Sunday – Friday the shala is open from 5.00am, Tom starts teaching at 6am and chants the opening mantra at 7am.

Please note that you need to leave yourself enough time to finish your practice at 9am as there are classes in the room after us but there is no rush to leave the studio so you can take your time to have a shower and get a cup of tea before leaving.

On the last Friday class of every month there will be a guided class, which will begin promptly at 7am. The guided class is not suitable for complete beginners.

There will be no classes on the days of the full or new moon. See the moon days calendar below.


Drop in  €20
1 week  €60
Trial (Berlin residents only)  **  
1 month unlimited  €90
Monthly ***  
8 classes  €90
12 classes  €105
Unlimited  €120

All costs include VAT.

** The trial pass can only be used once and is for anyone who is new to practicing with us at Ashtanga Mitte Berlin.

*** Monthly passes start from the date of your first class and all monthly passes can be upgraded during the month if you wish to practice more days.

If you have financial difficulties then please speak to us and we may be able to help support you to practice.

All class packs must be used within 3 months.

Please note that contracts held for Yogatribe classes do not include the 6 – 9am Ashtanga classes with Tom and Katharina.


You can either pay with cash when you come to class or if you are practicing regularly with us you can transfer any payments to the following bank account;

Account Name: Thomas Austin

IBAN: DE61100110012629588885


Reference: Ashtanga Mitte Berlin

Please note that contracts held for Yogatribe classes do not include the 6 – 9am Ashtanga classes with Tom and Katharina.


How does an Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style class work?

The Mysore class is designed so you can “drop in”. This means you can turn up anytime during the class. Each student practices to their own ability and is guided by the teacher to establish a personal practice.

How long is a Mysore class?

For a beginner the class may take around 45 minutes.

Can I come if I have never done Ashtanga yoga before?

Yes. The classes are suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome. In a Mysore class each student is taught individually.

How many days per week should I practice?

The “Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style” method is intended to be practiced 6 days per week with the exception of the full and new moon days, which are additional rest days.

We teach and practice according to this method and recommend a daily practice but of course you are always welcome to come for a drop in class or to practice with us less days per week.

Women should take additional rest during the first days of their period.

Coming to Practice

We recommend that you bring your own yoga mat, which you can store in the shala but if you don’t have one don’t worry because we will have some you can use.

Please take a shower in the morning before class and bring a small towel for adjustments.

Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach while the digestive system is at rest, therefor it’s not recommended to eat or drink before class.

The Studio

The classes are held at Yogatribe,  

Neue Schönhauser Strasse 16, 10178 Berlin, Mitte

The studio has both male and female changing rooms each with a shower, toilets and under floor heating. You will need to bring your own towel if you wish to use the showers.

There is a large comfortable entrance hall where you can enjoy a cup of tea after practice. In the spring and summer months there is also an outside garden and decking area for enjoying breakfast together after practice on Sundays.

Moon Days

Please note that there will be no classes on the days of the full or new moon.

2020 Full moon New Moon
January Friday 10th Friday 24th
February Sunday 9th Sunday 23rd
March Monday 9th Tuesday 24th
April Wednesday 8th Thursday 23rd
May Thursday 7th Friday 22nd
June Friday 5th Sunday 21st
July Sunday 5th Monday 20th
August Monday 3rd Wednesday 19th
September Wednesday 2nd Thursday 17th
October Thursday 1st Friday 16th
  Saturday 31st  
November   Sunday 15th
  Monday 30th  
December   Monday 14th
  Wednesday 30th